While searching for the perfect flooring can be time-consuming, trying to convince your design partner on the ones you want could be tricky, too. That's why at Polyflor, we have introduced our new Floor Visualiser to make your design journey much simpler and easier!

The idea of discovering, shopping, and buying floor coverings anywhere and anytime has been achieved through this augmented reality tool. It works directly from our website on your desktop, phone, or tablet. Try our floor visualiser today here.

Polyflor introduces its new augmented reality tool to visualise Polyflor flooring in your desired environment. Making your design project easier.

How to use Polyflor Floor Visualiser:

  • Choose a sector that exists in the visualiser (e.g. hospital, restaurant, office, bedroom, kitchen), or simply upload images, or take a photo (with your phone or tablet) to discover our product ranges.

  • Select a specific product, shade, and pattern from a wide range of Polyflor’s vinyl flooring collections and you can instantly see the featured products in your room. The combinations you can achieve are limitless!

  • Download and share your ideal residential and commercial flooring designs from the buttons in the tool.

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